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is own, which must have gone something like t▓his: “I imagine, therefore I belong and am fre●e”.’ Of himself Balthazar once said ●wryly: ‘I am a Jew, with all the Jew’●s bloodthirsty interest in the rati▓ocinative faculty.It is the clue to ma●ny of the weaknesses in my thinking,▓ and which I am learning to balanc●e up

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    — through the Cabal ●

    chiefly.’ ***** I remember meeting him,

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  • too, ?/p>

    坥ne bleak winter evening,

    walking along the● rain-swept Corniche,

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  • dodging

    the sudden gushes ●of s

    alt water from the condu▓its which lined

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  • it.Und

    er the▓ black hat a sku

    ll ringing with Smyrna, and● the Sporades

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where his c

hildhood▓ lay.Under the black hat too the haunting▓ illumination of a truth which he afterwa▓rds tried to convey to m

e in an English ●not the less faultless for having been le●arned.We had met before, it

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is true, but gla●ncingly: and would have perhaps p